Tuesday, July 19, 2011

week one - vivien

i chose urania mainly because i wanted to do something involving the stars/night sky.
so this is actually two 30 second exposures layered over each other, one of the sky alone and one of me holding a "globe" while standing on a bucket in the middle of my backyard and strongly resembling the girl from the grudge :x
i had my sister keep me company and it was kind of like an asian buffet for the mosquitoes, but i guess it was worth it even though i pretty much have to go take a bath in cortizone 10 now.

1 comment:

  1. yeah, i know i've already commented on the bossness that is this photo on flickr, but i'll comment again!

    you & i had such different visions, i am utterly happy about it! using long exposures & the moon-globe is perfection.
    no, you dont look like the girl from the grudge.
    i also thank shirley for joining in on this photo!

    absolutely beautiful & flawless. there's a pure rawness that i am really drawn to. urania would be proud. btw, the framing of the trees is PERFECT.