Wednesday, July 20, 2011

week 1 || emily's post

The muse Erato represents love and erotic poetry. I was immediately drawn to her, being in love myself. When I asked my boyfriend to pose for me, I knew instantly what I wanted to share with you. Sleeping apart from your lover is a difficult experience, especially after sharing multiple nights together. It must be Erato who is with me when I wake up in the middle of the night, memories of being with him flashing through my mind. She stays with me until I can fall asleep, leading me into the assurance that wherever he is, he's dreaming of me too, and I can drift off with a smile on my face. Erato is a muse who understands lovers, and does her best to help them survive the hours apart. 


    you chose a difficult one - erato. i am happy you went all out with this one & in the most classy way. (HI ANDERS, HOW ARE YOU?)

    lovely tones & a great sense of balance with all of this different photos put together. very personal & very lovely.

  2. wow emily. you've outdone all of us already. setting the bar high (; you're so fearless, i love it!!!